Stormwater Attenuation

We have a variety of above ground gravity feed tank and rain garden systems as well as below ground sump systems. We work with planners, drain layers and builders to design a system that achieves council aims without significant burden on the home owner. Our modular above ground solutions also allow the addition of rainwater collection tanks  for use around the home and an emergency supply.

Above ground solutions

Individual 800L tanks connected to the required capacity – 1600L, 3200L,  4000L, this system is also available in 1000L tanks.

Rain gardens

Our service allows the custom development of solutions for hard surface areas as well as around smaller housing units.

Below ground

Introducing stormVAULT

stormVAULT stormwater tanks store excess stormwater below ground and slowly release it into the council stormwater system. They are built from environmentally friendly, long-lasting material and come in standard sizes from 2,000L to 10,000, with other volumes available on request.

The tanks are unobtrusive, with the only visible part of the tank being the child resistant lid. The lid offers easy access for inspection and maintenance while remaining secure when this is not required.

For specification enquires please contact Gary King – 027 526 8840.

For a quotation please contact your local Tank Guy.