1,000L stormPANEL Tank




The 1000L stormPANEL at 460mm wide as an ideal water storage solution for narrow spaces. Unlike other similar rectangle tanks this water tank features large centre ports that allow for a thicker wall sections to maintain strength and the tanks rectangle shape. Brass inserts are also molded into the tank side for easy fitment of the required wall brackets and also in the front face allowing the fitment of a decorative screen or timber panels.

The tanks are available in all 11 standard Devan colours.

  • Tank Length 1,520mm (Approximately)
  • Tank Width 460mm
  • Height 1,950mm
  • 2 x 50mm base outlets for tap and tank to tank connections.
  • Air venting kits are also required – sold separately
  • Wall mounted brackets are required to stabilise the tank – sold separately.

Delivery is to the driveway/nearest access point to the road only.

Free Delivery Nationwide