Level Alert Tank Level Indicator




  • Fully Adjustable UniTri mounting base
  • UniTri mount will adapt to a range of tank roof angles (max 35º angle)
  • Suitable for Plastic, Concrete and Steel Tanks
  • Manufactured from UV resistant durable, Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon with Stainless Steel Tubes (16mm diameter) and Stainless Steel Fastenings
  • Complete with all mounting fastenings for all applications
  • Optional Stainless Steel Extension tubes available (669mm)
  • HiViz Indicator: UV stable HiViz Float ensures clear visibility from a distance for easy checking of tank fluid level
  • Adaptable Mounting Base: Fully adjustable UniTri Mount base will adapt to a range of tank roofs (max 35° angle)
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tube: Heavy Duty 16mm stainless steel tube for long life durability
  • Long Bottom Float: 155 x 230mm long bottom float ensures excellent buoyancy for accurate indication of fluid level
  • Supplied with:
    • Assembled UniTri Mount
    • 2 x 669mm Male/Female & 1 x 669mm Male/Male Stainless Steel Tube (2 metres total)
    • 115mm HiViz & 140mm Blue Threaded Floats
    • 3 x UniTri Mount Screws & 2 x Security Lock Screws
    • 3 x Plastic Plugs & 7mm Masonry Drill Bit for Concrete Tanks
    • 3 x Plastic Wing Nuts and 4mm Drill Bit for Plastic Tanks

Includes delivery.

The Level Alert is protected by intellectual property rights owned by the Hansen group of companies in New Zealand, Australia & other countries, including NZ patent 596360, NZ registered design 415007, Australian patent 2012203010 and Australia registered design 340061. HANSEN is a trade mark of the Hansen group of companies.