Level Alert Tank Level Indicator



  • Fully Adjustable UniTri mounting base
  • UniTri mount will adapt to a range of tank roof angles (max 35º angle)
  • Suitable for Plastic, Concrete and Steel Tanks
  • Manufactured from UV resistant durable, Glass Fibre Reinforced Nylon with Stainless Steel Tubes (16mm diameter) and Stainless Steel Fastenings
  • Complete with all mounting fastenings for all applications
  • Optional Stainless Steel Extension tubes available (669mm)
  • HiViz Indicator: UV stable HiViz Float ensures clear visibility from a distance for easy checking of tank fluid level
  • Adaptable Mounting Base: Fully adjustable UniTri Mount base will adapt to a range of tank roofs (max 35° angle)
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Tube: Heavy Duty 16mm stainless steel tube for long life durability
  • Long Bottom Float: 155 x 230mm long bottom float ensures excellent buoyancy for accurate indication of fluid level
  • Supplied with:
    • Assembled UniTri Mount
    • 2 x 669mm Male/Female & 1 x 669mm Male/Male Stainless Steel Tube (2 metres total)
    • 115mm HiViz & 140mm Blue Threaded Floats
    • 3 x UniTri Mount Screws & 2 x Security Lock Screws
    • 3 x Plastic Plugs & 7mm Masonry Drill Bit for Concrete Tanks
    • 3 x Plastic Wing Nuts and 4mm Drill Bit for Plastic Tanks

The Level Alert is protected by intellectual property rights owned by the Hansen group of companies in New Zealand, Australia & other countries, including NZ patent 596360, NZ registered design 415007, Australian patent 2012203010 and Australia registered design 340061. HANSEN is a trade mark of the Hansen group of companies.