Tank Gauge



Use the Rain Harvesting Tank Gauge and accurately monitor your rainwater supply with this easy-to-read, tank-top water level indicator.

Measure stored water at a glance

The Tank Gauge helps you make better water usage decisions by revealing how quickly your water supply is replenished during rainfall events. Its easy-to-read dial face features “Empty” and “Full” indicators to offer a more meaningful measurement than numbered dials.

Monitor your water consumption

By tracking and understanding how much water you use for different activities, you can take the necessary steps to avoid unexpected shortfalls and make your rainwater supply last longer. You may even learn you can use more water than you thought!

Install and maintain with ease

The Tank Gauge can be easily sealed directly to your tank. With no batteries or wiring and a straightforward, mechanical design, it requires next to no maintenance and is suitable for all vented above-ground and below-ground tanks up to 2.5 metres / 100 inches in height.

Monitoring Gauges clearly display your water levels and/or water usage to help you monitor and maintain your rainwater storage.

Understanding your usage and needs can help you to plan for volume appropriately.

Pricing includes GST and Freight.