Floating Inlet Valve (with dual fit tank socket)




The quality of the water in your water tank is different throughout the tank.

Any debris or sediment collects at the bottom of your tank while water near the surface is the cleanest.

By drawing water from the bottom of your tank you are also drawing the dirtiest water meaning that your filters will need changing more often and also the likelihood that the tap water is not as clean as it can be.

By installing the Floating Inlet Valve system you draw water from just under the surface of the water in your tank. This the cleanest section of water in your tank and both ensures that cleanest water is reaching you taps and prolonging the life of your filters as well as protecting pumps and other household water using appliances.

The Floating Inlet Valve needs to be installed when tank is empty and is best installed when tank is installed.

This units includes 50mm Socket with internal thread which enables the Floating Inlet Valve to be installed on the inside of the tank while the pipe sockets can be jointed to the external outlets.

The unit is 3 metres long and includes floating ball to hold inlet valve beneath the water surface which will move up and down as the level of water in your tank changes. The large disk at the end means when water level is low the inlet will always remain above the bottom of the tank.

We can customize these units to fit your requirements and tank size. Please contact us to specify your requirements.